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HARMO's webinar report|Reduce material cost with Gran cutter

We publish the contents and download document of the hold webinar on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. Please check them!
(This webinar is rerun we hold on May, 2021.)

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Webinar contents

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  1. What’s important to recycle
  2. Advantage of Gran Cutter
  3. Let's see how much the you can reduce cost
  4. Q&A


Don't you have following problems with recycled materials of sprues or runners?

  • Quality of products using recycled material is not stable
  • Cost reduction by increasing the recycling rate
  • Molding with recycled material is difficult
  • Reduce defects rate when using recycled material
  • A lot of powder are produced when using crusher, it takes time to clean them
  • The noise is loud and it makes working environment bad.

Let's see how HARMO can solve the problems!

1. What’s important to recycle

What's important when you want to use recycled material in real production?

3 important points for recycled material

  • Equal size
  • Less powder
  • Few miss-cuts

With our Gran Cutter, these 3 points are possible.

スクリーンショット 2022-08-08 11.53.56

2. Advantage of Gran Cutter

Equal size of material means stable measuring time with stable molding is possible and stable molding contribute to decrease the production defects drastically.

5 advantages of Gran Cutter

  • Gran Cutter can cut soft material
  • Very quiet
  • Easy replacement
  • Available "Option for clean room"
  • Available "Eco type"

スクリーンショット 2022-08-08 11.57.41

3. Let's see how much the you can reduce cost

Do you have following problems or hopes for material recycle?

  • Cannot use recycled material because of appearance defect
  • Want to increase recycling rate

Please contact us if you want to use recycled material. We suggest how much you can decrease the material cost per year.

  • Case exampleスクリーンショット 2022-08-08 12.03.57


4. Q&A


What is the life span of gran cutter blade?


The lifespan of blade differs depending on the variety of raw material. The blade for soft material can work for 10 years without blade replacement. To use gran cutter for a long period, adding grease periodically is important.

Download the webinar document

Recommend for 
  • It is hard to use recycled materials recycled by conventional crusher.(Production line manager)
  • Having troubles of appearance defects because of dust. (Quality control manager)
  • Trying to reduce cost by recycling expensive material (Manager)

Download the webinar document


Contact us if you have problems of automation, quality improvement and cost reduction.

Before we introduce our products, we would like to hear your current situation and concerns such as automation and productivity improvement. Once we receive a contact, we will get back to you and figure out the best way for you.

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