Are your measures against resin shortages and rising resin prices sufficient?

Are your measures against resin shortages and rising resin prices sufficient?

PA resin shortage not filling the gap between supply and demand

The PA resin shortage, which has been ongoing since around March 2021, is not expected to be resolved until around 2023.

Measures to deal with resin shortage

Resin manufacturers are also responding to the shortage of PA resin by selling alternative resins to alleviate the PA shortage.

To compensate for the shortage of resin materials and to reduce the increase in manufacturing costs due to soaring resin prices, many injection molding companies outsource the processing of recycled resin to repellet processors and use it as recycled materials.

Advantages of Repellet

  • Uniform grain of recycled material
  • Stable molding due to less variation in weighing

Issues with Repellet

  • Product quality deteriorates due to deterioration of physical properties caused by thermal history
  • External costs such as processing fees for recycled resin and pick-up and delivery fees are required
  • Consignment processing is not possible unless a certain amount is produced
  • Foreign matter and different colored resins may be mixed in because the runners are repelleted after they are put together

Comparison of Repellet and Gran Cutter

Waste is eliminated by Gran Cutter.
Material is not wasted because there is little deterioration in physical properties due to heat history.

Advantages of Gran Cutter

  • The grains of the recycled material are uniform
  • Uniform grains allow stable molding with less variation in weighing
  • No deterioration of physical properties due to the absence of heat history
  • No foreign material contamination due to recycling during the molding process
  • No waste of time due to recycling during molding
  • No repellet supplier is used, so no wasteful costs are reduced


Harmo's gran cutter addresses resin shortage

We respond to resin shortages and rising resin prices

We recommend that injection molding companies who want to solve the issues of resin shortages and price hikes of certain resins by responding to alternative resins and promoting repelletization, convert their crushers to gran cutter.

Demo machine rental and sample cutting

This is a service that allows you to borrow gran cutter and try out a test cut. Our staff will be present to explain the machine on site. You can also send us your resin material for sample cutting.

Recommend for

  • Having a problem of a shortage of raw materials
  • Want to improve recycling rate of sprue/runner
  • Want uniform-sized recycled materials
  • Want to stable the quality of the molding with using recycled materials
  • Want to reduce the cost of materials for the injection molding

Apply for demo machine rental and sample cutting

Please find below to watch the video

Gran Cutter Proposal-HARMO

Recycling rate improvement

Harmo's Gran cutter can help you to solve these problems.


・Uniform-size material
・Shortened measuring time with even sized material
・Convey material is smooth.
・Prevent appearance defects
・100% return of recycled material
・No time and effort needed
Download the document of Gran cutter

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