No need for stroke adjustment(take-out robot)

No need for stroke adjustment(take-out robot)|HARMO Co.、Ltd

Conventional swing type robots are driven by air cylinders for up/down, pull-out, and rotation.
The stroke adjustment of air cylinder is fixed with a mechanical stopper.
To adjust vertical stroke of swing robot mounted on fixed die plate of molding machine, mechanical stopper located 2,500mm above the floor is moved up and down to fix it at spool gripping position.

Harmo's EXZII can set and memorize such stroke adjustment with operation pendant.

No need for stroke adjustment(take-out robot)|HARMO Co.、Ltd

It can store 50 molds. The reason why it is possible to adjust the stroke from the pendant and memorize the set stroke is because the drive for up/down and pull-out is not an air cylinder but a servo motor drive. 

Comparison of air-driven swing robot and servo-driven robot

Advantages of using a servo-driven robot

  1. Stroke adjustment can be done by operation pendant. =No more work at height, safety first.
  2. Quick take-out cycle: Servo machine = 0.8s / Air machine = approx. 2.1s
  3. Separate operation strokes can be set for vertical stroke that moves inside mold and ejection stroke after rotation.
  4. Low air consumption (air is used only for sprue grip)
  5. 50 mold memory: Strokes can be stored for each mold, speed and timing of each axis can be stored.
  6. Once set memory is recalled, automatic operation can be started immediately without need for adjustment.

As you can see, replacing an air cylinder type robot with a servo-driven robot has six advantages. In this way, replacing air cylinder type robot with a servo-driven robot will bring about six advantages.

Please consider replacing it with a new one.

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