Effective use of recycling for cost reduction requirements

Effective use of recycling for cost reduction requirements

Are you troubled by the demand for cost reduction from your customers while labor and material costs are rising?

By using Harmo's Gran cutter we may be able to help you to solve the problem of cost reduction by improving the recycling rate and quality of your recycled materials.


Example of recycling improvement

There is an example of a user, who used to use only virgin materials, made a significant cost improvement with a 25% recycling rate.

The customer was hesitant to use the recycled material due to quality issues, but they tested it on our borrowing unit and confirmed that there were no quality issues, and their customer had no problem approving it.

In addition, the structure of machine prevents release of powder, so granulated materials can be recycled without waste. The system is also very effective in improving the situation "Powder is waste".

If you are interested, please contact us as some office have borrowing units available for rent.

Sample cut service

This is the service of doing sample cut of sprue / runner by our "Gran cutter"!
Please send us your sprues / runners (approximately for 30 shots) to Harmo. The Gran cutter has a worldwide reputation for quality such as uniform-size cut with few dust that are closed to virgin material.

  • Uniform-size material with few dust
  • Shorten measuring time with uniform-size material
  • Prevent appearance defects
  • Double the current recycling rate
  • Soft type Gran cutter is available for soft material like Elastomer

Request Sample-cut

Please find below to watch the video


Gran Cutter Proposal-HARMO

Recycling rate improvement

Harmo's Gran cutter can help you to solve these problems.


・Uniform-size material
・Shortened measuring time with even sized material
・Convey material is smooth.
・Prevent appearance defects
・100% return of recycled material
・No time and effort needed
Download the document of Gran cutter

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