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We provide videos of "practical" use of HARMO products to improve productivity, as well as other contents that provide hints for solving customers' problems.

Video of product introduction

Total Link


Total Link "manages the entire injection molding production line"

Gran Cutter


Introduction of Gran Cutter "SPCⅡ series"



Auto stockers for molded products to make improvements in labor shortages | Box Filling System

Packing Machine


Automatic packaging of injection-molded products reduces labor and improves accuracy of packaging process | Packing Machine LM series

Helical Hopper


Powder, which causes appearance defects, is collected and removed by the helical hopper!

Sprue pickers 


Air-driven sprue picker EX4 series""

Quick Gate


Quick Gate, Gate Passing Type Quick Static Electricity Remover

2-axis servo driven sprue picker


2-axis servo driven sprue picker "EXZⅡ series”

Traverse type servo motor driven take-out-robot


Traverse type servo motor driven take-out robot "ARXⅢ series" for China

Product usage, etc.

Gran Cutter


Replacement of cartridges in the Gran Cutter (grinder), which improves the recycled material of the sprue runner

Web seminar archive

Take-out robot


2-axis servo driven sprue picker "EXZⅡ series”

Total Link


Introduction of new system "Total Link"

Total Link


Manage the whole injection molding process with our "Total Link"

Box filling system


"Box Filling System" contributes to a 24 hour operation.

Gran Cutter


Gran cutter is a completely different equipment from conventional mill or crusher.

Dehumidifying dryer


Stabilize quality of products and productivity improvement  


Exhibition booth tour


Harmo's line-up to reduce material cost, automate production line and reduce labor cost


Web seminar for Thailand

Gran Cutter


Gran Cutter เป็นอุปกรณ์ที่แตกต่างอย่างสิ้นเชิงจากโรงสีหรือเครื่องบดแบบธรรมดา เรามีชื่อเสียงมากมายในเรื่องอัตราการรีไซเคิลที่สูงขึ้นและลดอัตราข้อบกพร่อง.

Web seminar for Vietnam

Gran Cutter


Gran Cutter là một thiết bị hoàn toàn khác với các loại máy xay và máy xay truyền thống. Nó có một danh tiếng tốt cho tỷ lệ tái chế cao và tỷ lệ lỗi thấp.