We provide a wide range of support from product consultation to periodic inspections and industrial robot schools.

Maintenance system that can respond anywhere in Japan

We are your partner to support stable productivity and consult with you on automation, defect handling, and process improvement.


There are 14 sales offices throughout Japan that support manufacturing sites. We have established a solid follow-up system to support stable production for our customers. We also have eight overseas subsidiaries and representative offices, and agencies in 12 countries. Harmo contributes globally to the injection molding business and has a growing number of customers in Asia, the U.S., and other parts of the world.

HARMO not only handles maintenance issues for customers, but also provides consultation on all improvements to injection molding lines, such as automation, labor savings, defect countermeasures, and improvements in productivity, quality, and safety.

We recommend periodic inspection of the take-out robot

HARMO supports you for stable production.

Preventive maintenance through periodic inspections is essential to prevent sudden problems with take-out robots. Our service staff will periodically inspect your take-out robot and suggest necessary parts replacement or repair.


We also provide support for the automation of molding sites and the revision of "JIS B6711", the safety standard for injection molding machines, to help our customers' production from a professional perspective. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact our sales office.


Inquiry about Take-out Robot Inspection Service

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