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HARMO's webinar report|Why don’t you replace dryers for dehumidifying dryers and solve your problems?

We publish the contents and download document of the hold webinar on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Please check them!

Webinar contents

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  1. Improve defect rate "Improve quality of molding"
  2. Reduce cleaning time "Shorten preparation time"
  3. Secure the movement line around machine "Less occupying space"
  4. Bonus:Introduction of Helical Hopper

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Don't you have any following hopes?

  • Want to improve defect rate
  • Want to reduce cleaning time
  • Want to secure the movement line around machine

Let's see how HARMO can solve the problems!

1. Improve defect rate "Improve quality of molding"

By injecting such dried air into the dryer of hot air, drastic dehumidification is possible.
MDR DL資料_ページ_06

2. Reduce cleaning time "Shorten preparation time"

It's easy to clean the dryer.
This contributes to shorten the preparation time and this realizes the productivity improvement with easy maintenance.
MDR DL資料_ページ_08

3. Secure the movement line around machine "Less occupying space"

The dust cyclone of current model MDRII was put into the frame. The operation panel is located in the easy-to-see position.
MDR DL資料_ページ_10

Bonus : introduction of Helical Hopper

Helical hopper is the material conveying unit of collecting dust and also mixing material.

Advantages of "Helical Hopper"

  • Helical Hopper is also called Vacuum type dust separating hopper.
  • This device is used to separate a fine powder from materials’ surface by using spiral air and resupply air.
  • This device removes the dust, the cause of appearance defects to stabilize the quality of products.


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Download the webinar document

Recommend for 
  • Hard to notice the production defects (Production line manager)
  • The quality of products is affected by the weather (Factory manager)
  • Want to improve the productivity (Manager)

Download the webinar document

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