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HARMO's Webinar|Realize the productivity improvement by shortening take-out time with 2-axis servo driven swing robot【Mar. 24, 2022】

Realize the productivity improvement by shortening take-out time with 2-axis servo driven swing robot


Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. JST

Webinar contents

  1. Introduction of EXZII; Harmo's 2-axis servo driven swing robot
  2. High-speed take-out
  3. No stroke adjustment needed at mold changing
  4. No operation climbing on the injection molding machine needed

Webinar outline

Don't you have any following problems with productivity improvement of take-out robot?

  • Want to shorten cycle time of 1 shot by shortening take-out time
  • Want to shorten set-up time by making mold changing more efficient
  • Want to ensure the safety of worker by reducing the risk of workplace accident when mold changing
  • Want to have an easy maintenance with less replacing consumables

Our proposal on this webinar

We might be able to contribute to solve problems you are having...
People who have problems such as,

  • Productivity improvement
  • Less operation at mold changing
  • Ensure the worker's safety on the production site

Please check this webinar!

Example:Take-out time shortened to 0.8 secs from 2.1 secs

Productivity is increased by using 2-axis servo driven swing robot.

  1. Take-out time
    62% shortened
  2. Productivity
    15% increased

Not only for productivity improvement, 2-axis servo driven swing robot will contribute to solve above problems.

Recommended for

  • Have a lot of work at mold changing (Machine operator)
  • Want to reduce cost by improving productivity (Manager)
  • Want to secure the operator's safety (Factory manager)

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Presented by International marketing department


Yu Otsuki

I tell you the advantages of using servo-driven swing robot!


北部達基 (1)
Tatsuki Kitabe

I introduce the attractive points of Harmo that are not well known!


Saki Aoki

If you want to improve productivity, this webinar should give you an idea!

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