From Pneumatic Swing Robot to Servo Driven Swing Robot.

From Pneumatic Swing Robot to Servo Driven Swing Robot (4 major advantages)

Did you know that the era of Pneumatic Swing Robot has changed to the era of Servo Driven Swing Robot?
In this article, we will introduce the merits of the 2-axis Servo Driven Swing Robot sold only by Harmo.


The 2-axis Servo Driven Swing Robot

4 major advantages

  1. 62% shorter removal cycle time compared to Pneumatic Swing Robot
  2. All position adjustments that used to be performed by climbing up on the molding machine with Pneumatic Swing Robot can be set on the pendant screen.
  3. Worker safety is ensured as there is no need to climb on the molding machine.
  4. Reduced maintenance frequency

These are the four major advantages that a Harmo servo machine can offer!

Comments from customers who have actually purchased our products

  1. Other companies had only single-axis Servo Driven Swing Robot, and the cycle rate was not much different from that of Pneumatic Swing Robot, but we were able to increase production by switching to two-axis Servo Driven Swing Robot, which is very helpful.
  2. Maintenance costs and time have been reduced because we no longer need to replace gaskets and shock absorbers, which we would have had to do with Pneumatic Swing Robot.

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