The cycle time is 62% shorter than that of a cylinder robot, which greatly improves production

The cycle time is 62% shorter than that of a cylinder robot, which greatly improves production

Currently, air cylinder type sprue pickers are still widely used in injection molding machines.
This time, we will introduce a servo-driven sprue picker.


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  • From sales development to customers, the company has succeeded in receiving orders for new molds, but the production volume is so high that the company needs to add molding machines.
  • There is no space in the factory for additional molding machines.
  • Building a new factory would be costly and time-consuming.


To replace the current air cylinder type sprue picker with a servo-driven sprue picker.

No need for stroke adjustment(take-out robot)|HARMO Co.、Ltd

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Shorten the take-out cycle

  • Air cylinder type:2.1 seconds
    Servo-driven type:0.8 seconds
    Reducing the cycle time by 62% *In Harmo’s comparison

For example, assuming a molding cycle of 10 seconds for 12 pieces and molding for 24 hours.
The daily production volume of the air cylinder type is 103,680 pieces, while that of the servo-driven type is 119,172 pieces, per month allowing an increase of 464,760 pieces.

If you multiply the quantity you could increase by the unit selling price of the product, you will find that you can pay the initial cost.

If you can increase productivity by 15% by replacing the take-out robot, it means that you can produce the same productivity with 100 molding machines instead of 115 molding machines.

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2-axis servo driven swing robot EXZⅡ series

Realize the productivity improvement by shortening take-out time and troublesome preparation time.


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