Peripheral equipment management using a take-out robot

Peripheral device management using a take-out robot

Plastic molding requires setting up, starting, and adjusting several peripheral equipment. Have you ever replaced a mold and started molding, only to find that you forgot to turn on the peripheral equipment or made a mistake in entering the temperature setting, resulting in a large number of defective products? By using the total link function, you can prevent defective products. Let's take a look at some of the features.

Features of Total Link

Mold memory link

Prevention of temperature setting input errors by operators

The setting values of each peripheral equipment can be stored in the mold data memory of the take-out robot. In addition, when the mold data is switched, the setting values of the peripheral equipment are changed at once.

Easy setup function

Prevention of insufficient drying of materials and insufficient temperature control of molds

By simply inputting the molding start time into the take-out robot, the start-up timer of each peripheral equipment can be set for a time that takes into account the drying of materials.

Molding machine material supply stop function

Prevention of material supply of excess material

The take-out robot reduces the material supply to the molding machine as production ends, and stops operation after the final material supply.

There are many other functions available, so please consider centralized management with Total Link.

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