[Must-see] For Business Owners: Fixed Cost Reduction

[Must-see] For Business Owners: Fixed Cost Reduction|HARMO Co.,Ltd

There are countries where labor costs are high and countries where labor costs are low, but there is always a monthly salary payment to employees.
By using Harmo's stocker, we believe it is possible to reduce the payment of labor cost, electricity bill, and so on.

Possible advantages of using a stocker


Unmanned molding operation is possible.

  • Eliminate the need to pay night shift wages by making the night shift unmanned.
  • Air conditioning and lighting can be turned off during unmanned molding hours at night. (Saves electricity costs)
  • Products stocked during the night will be processed during the day shift (increase the number of day shift workers and improve efficiency).
  • The daytime shift will be sufficient for inspectors.

Automatic boxing for secondary processes (finishing, inspection, painting, plating)

  • (No human touch to the molded products)

A robot removes the molded product from the mold and places it on a conveyor belt for cooling.

  • When workers pack the cooled molded products into boxes or drop them into large boxes for stocking, the probability of defective products such as dents, scratches, and deformation increases. It is time to stop this kind of automation.

Questions about using a stocker

  1. Can be connected to robots from any manufacturer (even non-Harmo robots)
  2. For simple product stocking, containers currently used in the factory can be used.
  3. The STP-V02 stocker from Harmo can also be connected to pneumatic robots (driven by vertical, pull-out air, and traverse servo motors).

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