[Must see 2] For Managers: Toward Zero Defective Products

[Must see 2] For Managers: Toward Zero Defective Products|HARMO Co.,Ltd

It is impossible to make molded plastic products with injection molding machines alone. You need an injection molding machine, a mold, a dehumidifying dryer, and a mold temperature controller.

Plastic materials contain moisture, and this moisture greatly affects the appearance and strength of molded products. A dehumidifying dryer is needed to remove the moisture from the material.

Next is mold.The melted plastic material is injected into mold. In order to produce molded products under the same temperature conditions all year round, mold temperature must be kept constant using a mold temperature controller. Mold temperature must be kept constant using a mold temperature controller.

Importance of Dehumidifying Dryers and Mold Temperature Controllers

*Dehumidifying dryer Problems caused by insufficient drying of material

dirty surface of molded product, insufficient strength

*Problems caused by molding at inappropriate mold temperature

dirty surface, insufficient filling (short-circuit)

The injection molding machine, the mold, the dehumidifier/dryer, and the mold temperature controller are all controlled separately and do not monitor each other.
Even if the heater of the mold temperature controller breaks, the injection molding machine will not stop molding. Even if the heater of the dehumidifying dryer is disconnected, the injection molding machine will continue molding.
Products molded after the heater is disconnected are defective. If the defective product is delivered to the customer, the customer will lose trust in the company.

[Total Link] is a system that can eliminate the occurrence of defective products.

If Harmo's robot, Harmo's dehumidifier and mold temperature controller are connected, the robot will judge the abnormality of the dehumidifier and the mold temperature controller, and the robot will release the defective product to the defective product discharge position. By using the robot to separate the good from the defective products, the customer will no longer have to deal with defective products.
If the abnormal condition continues, the Harmo robot will instruct the injection molding machine to stop molding.
There will be no more piles of defective products.

Please consider [Total Link], which does not produce defective products and does not lose credibility.


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