Make better use of operator by running the factory unattended for longer periods of time

Make better use of operator by running the factory unattended for longer periods of time

Currently, the process that requires the largest number of operators at the molding site is the post-processing of the molded product.

For example

For example, 15-second cycle molding, 4 cavities

  1. 4 cavities per 15 seconds
  2. 20 cavities per 75 seconds

Operators have to do boxing work such as carton box to transport them to the next process, and as a result, one person becomes a person in charge of one molding machine.

Concerns / Tasks

  • 100 machine means they need 100 operators
  • For 3-shift and 24 hours operation, about 300 operators are needed
  • High labor costs for night shifts
  • Counting mistakes caused by human error
  • Defective products caused by dust and foreign matter due to the use of operators
  • There is not enough time to take care of one more machine, even though there is time for a hand to rest when boxing a 4-cavity every 15 seconds

Solution & Advantages of using box filling system


Change from conveyors to container type box filling system.


  • Unattended operation for long periods of time without restriction if space is available.
  • Reduces labor costs by allowing one person to manage multiple machines instead of one person managing one machine.
  • No damage to the products as they are stored in boxes by highly accurate take-out robots.
  • When a container is full, the next container is used to cover it, reducing the possibility of dust and foreign matter being mixed in during transportation.
  • There is no need to purchase new containers as the current ones can be used as they are.


Please find below to watch the product introduction movie


Download document

  • 5 check points to decide whether or not to install box filling system
  • Let's see how much the payback is.
  • Example and reputation from the customers
  • The reason why the customer chooses Harmo's box filling system (features of ST series and demonstration)
  • Q&A

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