How to shorten the cycle time by 30% with servo-driven sprue picker

How to shorten the cycle time by 30 with servo-driven sprue picker

Do you have any problems of sprue picker?

  • Molded products are damaged by machine vibration.
  • When adjusting the vertical stroke, the tool is dropped into the mold and damaged the mold.
  • The robot stops due to an error caused by insufficient air supply from the compressor.
  • Exhaust from the robot makes the factory dirty.
  • It’s not easy to shorten the cycle time


It's expected to solve above problems by using a servo-driven sprue picker, "EXZⅡ"

No need for stroke adjustment(take-out robot)|HARMO Co.、Ltd

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  • Cycle time
    Reducing by 68%
    resulting in a 10% increase in production volume per month.
  • Defects rate caused by vibration
    Reducing from 6% to 0%.
  • Set-up time
    Reducing from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Air consumption
    Reducing one-fifth
    eliminating the need for an additional compressor and lowering electricity costs.
  • Since the air consumption has been reduced, the cleanliness level is high and can be used in a 3000 level clean room.
  • No more tools and no more climbing on the molding machine, so no more worries about damaging the mold.

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2-axis servo driven swing robot EXZⅡ series

Realize the productivity improvement by shortening take-out time and troublesome preparation time.


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