Be free from conveyor! Automated factory with Box Filling System

Be free from conveyor: Automated factory with Box Filling System

It’s getting less to see the operators taking out products from the mold by their hands even in developing countries. However, the fact that using conveyors to convey products doesn’t change for decades.

Common situation after molding process

How many products can be put on 2-3m length conveyors differ depending on product size, but it’s limited to a few minutes.
In most cases the operators stand at the end of the conveyor to pack the products all the time, and the factory needs workers for each machine.

Improve the conveying and storing process

By introducing ST series, Box Filling System, it is possible to improve factory environment like below, 

  • Storing products for a long time is possible
  • Operators are no longer required for the number of machines.
  • Products are stored in the container so delivering them to the next step is easy
  • Connecting with other manufacturer's robots is possible
  • Adapt to commercially available container


Please find below to watch the product introduction movie


Download document

  • 5 check points to decide whether or not to install box filling system
  • Let's see how much the payback is.
  • Example and reputation from the customers
  • The reason why the customer chooses Harmo's box filling system (features of ST series and demonstration)
  • Q&A

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Download the document of Box Filling System

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