Why don't you take the first step toward automation operations by installing a stocker because of COVID disaster?

Why don't you take the first step toward automation operations by installing a stocker because of COVID disaster?

The covid epidemic is forcing production sites to change. Under these circumstances, more attention is being paid to the automation of injection molding lines.
In order to maintain a social distance and reduce human contact on the injection molding line, it is necessary to secure a work space and save manpower.
Therefore, full automation of the injection molding line is a challenge, but the initial cost is relatively high and the future cost effectiveness is difficult to see, so it is not easy to introduce.

So, Harmo recommends the "automatic molded product stocker" which has low initial and running costs and can be operated unattended at night without relying on human labor.


Problems and issues

  • The molding line needs to be labor-saving.
  • Factory automation faces high hurdles in terms of cost and technology.
  • Production at night, quality is not stable.
  • There are many human errors such as counting errors and wrong insertions.


1. Proposing "automatic molded product stocker" that can be easily integrated into existing injection molding lines

Since automatic stockers don’t require complicated programming, they can be easily integrated into existing injection molding lines, and the hurdle to introducing them is low. They are also relatively low cost among automated equipment.

2. No human intervention required. Fully automated "boxing", "lining up", and "stacking". Fully automatic "boxing", "lining up", and "stacking" of molded products.

There is no need for human control. Workers who used to pack the boxes can be transferred to other tasks, thereby improving the efficiency of the molding line. Also, the product can be carried to the next process without being touched.

3. Building a stable production line with 24-hour operation

We need to keep our factories running stably even when they are affected by covid. Automation enables us to maintain productivity and stabilize quality even when we are short on manpower.

Effects after introduction

Cost reduction in labor costs and long hours of automatic operation

In the past, workers were required to pack, arrange, and stack molded products in boxes, which led to errors in the quantity of boxes packed and a shortage of manpower to operate the molding machines at night. In addition, human error has been reduced, which has led to labor saving and productivity improvement.

Points that could be solved or improved

  • Avoiding enclosed spaces in factories
  • Improved productivity with "automatic boxing", "alignment", and "stacking" of molded products
  • Enables automatic operation for long periods of time and contributes to labor saving.
  • Can be delivered to customers in containers or trays, improving efficiency.

Please find below to watch the product introduction movie


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Download document



・5 check points to decide whether or not to install box filling system
・Let's see how much the payback is.
・Example and reputation from the customers
・The reason why the customer chooses Harmo's box filling system (features of ST series and demonstration)
Download the document of Box filling system

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