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HARMO's Webinar|Total Link:Manage the whole injection molding process【Jan. 27, 2022】

Date: Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. JST

Continued from the previous webinar! This time, we prepared the webinar to answer customers' holding problems based on the answers of questionnaires we did at the end of last webinar.

Please join our webinar.

To solve 2 problems at the same time, this is "Total Link"

Robot communicating with peripheral equipment contributes to problem-solving and cost reduction.

  • Manpower reduction
  • Prevent human error

Moreover... 5 things we can offer with "Total Link"

  1. Reduce setup time
  2. Prevent human error
  3. Reduce production defects
  4. Manpower reduction / Energy-saving
  5. Cost reduction


How to join.

  • Please register at the bottom of the screen.
  • The email is automatically delivered in response to your registration.
  • Please join the zoom when it's time.

*No other companies in the same business are not allowed.


  1. Introduction of "Total Link"
  2. Preparation in advance "the robot sets the timer automatically" (Demonstration)
  3. Preparation for molding "To prevent an insertion error of the hoses of MTC" (Demonstration)
  4. End of molding "cool the mold and make air purge automatically" (Demonstration)

Recommended for

  • Too much work when changing molds (Machine operator)
  • Takes a lot of time for set up and it is risky to make a tight schedule (Production management)
  • Worker's skill affect productivity. (Factory director)

Presented by International marketing department


Yu Otsuki

I hope you think Total Link is convenient.


北部達基 (1)
Tatsuki Kitabe

HARMO's Total Link will change the future of molding sites. We will solve your problems.


Saki Aoki

We will introduce the functions with demonstrations. I hope you can have an image of what Total Link is.

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