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HARMO's Webinar|Manage the whole injection molding process

HARMO's Webinar

Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. JST

We will hold a seminar to deal with customer's concerns such as "Don't want to make defects", "Setting each peripheral equipment is too much work" and "Cannot specify the cause when products defects are found".

Please join our webinar.

Introduction of a new system to solve these problems!!!

  • Want to notice small changes in equipment.
  • The quality is affected depending on workers skill.
  • Human errors might happen

Key points of the system to be introduced

  1. Reduce setup time
  2. Prevent human error
  3. Reduce production defects
  4. Manpower reduction/Energy-saving Point
  5. Cost reduction


How to join.

  • Please register at the bottom of the screen.
  • The email is automatically delivered in response to your registration.
  • Please join the zoom when it's time.

*No other companies in the same business are not allowed.


  1. Introduction of new system
  2. Common problems
  3. How to prevent these problems?
  4. Questionaire

We will focus on common troubles in injection molding site, and introduce the ways to prevent these troubles while demonstrating with actual units. We would like to introduce this innovative system. Please join this!

We will send the link of the video of webinar to people who registered, so please register the webinar regardless of the time difference.

Recommended for

  • Want to notice small changes in equipment.
  • The quality is affected depending on workers skill.
  • Having problems of human errors



International marketing dept.

Speaker:Yu Otsuki

I hope we can give you some tips that help your production site.



International marketing dept.

Speaker:Saki Aoki
 I hope at the end of webinar you have general information of this system.


北部達基 (1)

International marketing dept.

Speaker:Tatsuki Kitabe
 I hope this will be something new for you.

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